I have been so damn excited about the collaborations that are coming my way!

Here is another amazing Vancouver local (YAY CANADIAN) beauty brand - Midnight Paloma, if you aren't already following them on Insta or heard of it do go check it out.

They are new to the market friends, but already becoming known with their beautiful clean packaging, pink accent colors, lovely natural products, and calming aromas. When Midnight Paloma approached me I had only briefly seen them via Instagram, I was definitely curious to try them but a little iffy. If you know me, I am always very hesitant of new lines, and unknown products on my face.

Upon going to their website three things struck me:
1. Everything is made by hand. No large factory, no machinery, no foreign objects mixing with the products.
2. All the products are made in smaller portions to ensure it is always best.
3. It is a fully Canadian made brand

Another little thing I love about local brands, they always try to give back to the community or an organization in someway. Midnight Paloma loves theirs dogs so not only is it 100% cruelty free, but a small portion of all purchases goes to BC Chi Rescue.

Before receiving the product everything I had read on the brand seemed to point towards a main focus of detoxification and using Charcoal to it's fullest. Cool, I loved the idea!

Charcoal + Rose Detox Max is what I got to try out, most masks I do are either in a tube, on sheets, done through a facial or something along those lines... I guess I had totally forgotten that they come in powder form. When I received it I was shaking that little container being like "Wtf?" it then hit me, "I'm obviously making a paste"- to be honest I love this idea as it's hands on, and you can sort of play with the texture a little more.

A little 4-1-1 on this badass mask!

Charcoal is used to absorb impurities and draws out dirt from your pores. Bye bye ugliness! The second ingredients nourish your skin; rose petals hydrate and rolled oats soothes. Hello gorgeous!

The cool thing about mixing your mask is you get to choose what you want to use and all the great benefits that come with each ingredient.

Mask mixed with purified water - Best for all skin types: softens, purifies, balances the PH in your skin

Mixing with raw honey - Best for dry skin: anti-bacterial (for acne prone skin) antioxidant rich clears pores, moisturizing and soothing

Mixing with organic yogurts - best for oily/acne prone skin: fills it with natural lactic acid, dissolves dead skin + tightens pores, prevents future breakouts, helps to diminish lines, evens out skin tone with some exfoliation

*Note information is found via website under the product itself 

When I did my mask I added water to the powder, as I have mixed skin this was perfect and wasn't too heavy. The mask goes on very easily, and you can feel the paste slowly drying on your face. It's kind of a slight skin pull feeling, nothing discomforting just the sense of feeling the product drying. Once the mask was completely dry I rinsed it off with warm water and a face cloth. I finished the process with my night serum and cream, my face felt light, bright and smooth.

Check out the product in more details: www.midnightpaloma.com


pssst...wanna know something else thats cool? I'll be doing a new project with Midnight Paloma, I can't wait to share more details with you!


These babes make me look mighty fine! 
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Photos taken by Stacie Carr
Hair by Nessa
Nails by Myth