Alright guys, the recipe I'm going to share with you is one that has been in my family for a while. My mom is not much of a baker and this is the one treat that she manages to make multiples of every holiday season. Can you guess what it is?! 


TIRAMISU!! yay, I know so many people that love this dessert, and a lot of my friends request that I make it for them. It's funny because I never really understood the hype behind this thing, I was never a fan of it... but in the last couple of months to a year I have definitely become a fan! I don't know why the change of heart or taste buds but I'm not mad.

Just a little side note, the recipe I have is in French, so the measuring will be in grams.
Are we ready for the recipe, or what?!

4 eggs
80 g of sugar
500 g of mascarpone (I use an entire tub of 512 g)
Espresso pot for making strong 6 cups of coffee
1 pack of Italian lady finger cookies
1 small pinch of salt
Chocolate Chips
Strong coffee
2 tsp coffee extract (optional, I never use this)
Drenching the cookies:
Strong brewed coffee + 3 tbsp of sugar + 2 tsp of cognac + 2 tsp of coffee liquor


Firstly you'll want to separate egg yolk + whites. Mix together the yolk with the sugar until it is pale yellow. In this step I would start brewing your coffee!

You'll now need to beat the egg whites until they become fluffy and snow like! I always do this at a 8 speed roughly, and just let it do it's thing naturally, it'll take a couple minutes. Set this aside temporarily.

Grab your pale yellow mixture, and add the mascarpone tub. Whisk it all together until it's nicely blended. You will now grab your fluffy egg whites and slowly add it into the mascarpone mixture. Doing this process you want to take your time by folding the egg whites into the batter and not breaking them, I use a spatula to carefully combine them. Once this is together your mix will be somewhat fluffy from the egg whites. 

In a rectangular glass plate is where you'll be preparing the tiramisu. At this point you can have your coffee ready, and can mix the sugar and liquids into a bowl together. From here you will be dipping your cookies into the coffee mixture and lining them up (flat) into the glass plate. After you have set up your first two rows (the base of the dessert) you will add the mascarpone cream on top of them. Make sure your layer is not too thin, but also not to thick as you will need the cream for the other layers - the cookies should be covered enough to not see them. I always add a few chocolate chips between each layer! 

Now you redo this step another 2 times, laying the cookies down in opposite direction (this is better for cutting the cake), add your cream, and chocolate chips. You're now at your top layer (YAY!), use up the rest of your cream to coat the cookies, add chocolate chips and I always powder some cacao to finish it off. 

Chill the tiramisu in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving. Always best for it to be a little cool when being served. Great pairing with some strawberries!