I definitely have a way to organize myself, as everyone does… we all figure out what exactly works for us. I am a tidy person starting from my general apartment; closet spaces and how everything has a home, my car, and also within my agenda for appointments as well as my to do list remain up to date.

I am an avid ‘To do’ list user, I just love highlighters, the touch of paper or a notebook, and scribbling down ideas, appointment and notes. I do not use the calendar on my phone at all, it’s something that I have always struggled with since I don’t feel like I can visually see everything I am doing or needing to do. On that note I have had an awesome opportunity to work with The Focus Journal and trying out a new method of organization.

As some of you may have seen on my Insta story I showed what I use as my daily organizer - I have a notebook where I write out all my ‘To do’ lists, reminders and any notes I jot down for client meetings or projects. I also have a full on agenda; I mean a big ol’ planner with a full monthly and weekly calendar, day to day slots for me to write down all my appointments, birthdays, reminders and anything else in between. I am actually lost without these! I have now been using The Focus Journal for about a month, keep reading to find out more…

The Focus Journal has some unique features, organizational tools, and encouraging sections. Aesthetically the journal is minimal, sleek and high quality, it is also offered in two neutral colors (black and grey). Once you flip through the pages you’ll notice that it is created to be used as a bullet journal, it’s also very much a DIY planner. This format would be a huge advantage for a lot of people to be fully in charge of creating calendars, timelines, schedules exactly how they want them. I think these would benefit many freelancers since the power is in their hand from A to Z. I recommend you take a look; The Focus Journal - use promo code ‘planwithaurelcee’ and receive 15% off (valid until November 30th 2018, 11:59pm).

Flipping through The Focus Journal you’ll notice designated dotted “grid” areas to design your calendars or schedules, then we also get into a more ‘To do’ style page. This section has a couple of key points to help you achieve your tasks; date (for completion), goals/priorities, tasks, :)/+ (positive quotes or messages for yourself), notes, and habit tracker. This page is awesome and truly has some motivational features as well as a great layout to get everything done. One of the things I love is the ‘Habit Tracker’ this is a little section to write down things you would like to do in a day and check off how many times you complete them. This can be anything from drinking water, answering emails, talking with people, going for a walk etc. We all know I don’t drink nearly enough water! Maybe this will help.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.34.29 PM.png

The Focus Journal is sadly not for me, but I really cannot say enough good things about the unique features this planner does offer. The transition from my regular notebooks to the new journal were interesting as I had a bit of a hard time figuring out the best way to get myself back on track. I really wanted to get rid of the previous tools I was using and solely commit to The Focus Journal but it actually threw me through a hoop. I felt a bit overwhelmed by having to create my own calendar or weekly schedule as I am already quite awful at knowing what day of the week we are. I truly know many people that thrive with bullet style journaling but sadly I am not one of them! I do believe these to be some advantageous perks, they don’t quite resonate with the way I like to stay organized. After testing the layout and functionality of the journal I still very much need a physical agenda that already has designated daily slots, and for the way my brain works a lined notebook does the trick.

This experience was super awesome as I got to explore journaling which I have never really done. I also believe this type of planner would be beneficial for some to feel more creative, inspired or organized. The Focus Journal offers a free PDF version of the planner for everyone to try out!

During this experience, I was also given the opportunity to try out L’Atelier, which is a communal work space. The office space is located in Gastown, and definitely has gorgeous industrial charms including the exposed brick walls. I wish I had gotten more chances to go and work from the space but sadly my schedule kept me on feet for the last little while. L’Atelier has a lot of bright natural light, very dynamic and functional desk/work place set up, and is very welcoming. It really is such a cool concept, and I had no idea that L’Atelier existed right in the downtown core!

The idea of the shared office space is you get to choose which package works best for you, wether you are just coming and going from time to time and you don’t need a permanent desk, to reserving your own space knowing you will be coming on the daily and having somewhere to lock your personal belongings to get the job done. This is again such an awesome tool for freelancers that work from home as they can create their schedule being at an office space daily or casually. As most of you know I’m a wardrobe stylist and social media manager, my days shift quite a bit and I only have few “office days” - I loved coming into L’Atelier to do work on the days that allowed me to do so.

Signing up for L’Atelier not only gives you access to a sweet work place, but you also get invited into a community. The space has a Slack account for everyone registered, an open calendar to book conference rooms and any gathering that happens within the space you get the 411. The community aspect is a big one for a freelancer since we work alone most of the time, unless you have a friend that does exactly what you do from home, so I really loved the inclusivity of L’Atelier. If you haven’t left my page to google 'L’Atelier I do recommend you check out the various options for you. Click here.


Sunglasses - Céline, Paillette Earings + White Dress - Zara,
Leather Fanny Pack - Alexander Wang,
Slip on High tops - Native Shoes,
Gold Watch - Cluse

On a side note from The Focus Journal & L’Atelier: this dress has definitely become a favourite in my closet, as much as I have many dresses there’s so many of them I never wear. This is a department that I need to really invest in a couple more pieces I love! I found this dress on a whim at the Zara in Park Royal, it was an online return, in my size down to like $22, and in the style I had been looking for… I just couldn’t say no. I have styled it in so many ways so far, it’s seriously such an awesome dress to wear.

Photographed by Sarah Arsenault
Hair by Nessa Pineda
Nails by Jesse Jaymes

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