Guys, I have been awful at updating my blog… not to mention I totally failed at making this post live when I thought I did so here I am trying to fix it for all this to make sense. I am still questioning how people do it all, I follow some bloggers or influencers that have full time work but still manage to make cool videos along with all these other things. I do work 70 to 80 hours per week when I am on a film set but still, I am the type to juggle a lot and definitely thought I was one of those people but I am now most second guessing myself.

My life has been quite busy and time has been zooming at the speed of light, I am just coming off of a 4 month long TV movie series and am having some mixed feelings on not having other work right away. As I mentioned above I do work very long hours, and maintaining a social life during these projects is difficult not to mention when I do have those small gaps available I also need to maintain my love life (very minor existence), self care, my home, friends and anything else in between. Honestly most weekends I just end up wanting to be alone! Does anyone have suggestions for me?! I have had all these goals for my instagram and blog that are currently on a halt as I don’t know how to manage time for them right now.

Anyways moving on from this, I had the opportunity of collaborating with a sweet jewelry brand called Two Cities, they are a fairly new brand which launched in 2017 and have been expanding since. They find influence in various avenues such as; cities, cultures, bohemian and glam rock style amongst much more.


Pieces that I am wearing by Two Cities:
The Barcelona (Gold)
The London (18K Gold Finish)
The Montreal (18K Gold Finish)

What I love most about Two Cities is that each piece is easy to wear casually and dressed up, their jewelry is dainty, feminine and unique all at the same time. Their gorgeous pieces are also offering in various metals of sterling silver, and gold/ gold plated these are quality pieces without blowing your budget making it wonderful for your own collection or gifts.


Black Felt Hat with Detailed Band - Lack Of Color,
White Tee & Men’s Denim Jeans - Value Village,
Suede Jacket - Zara, Navy Belt with Gold Buckle - Mom’s Closet,
Bootleggers Leather Boots - Talize

If you haven’t yet checked then out follow this link: Two Cities

Photographed by Delilah Rayne
Hair by Nessa Pineda
Nails by Jesse James

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