Holy crap, I have been on fast mode... and I mean fast mode as in I am DEAD tired, been go go go with work + trade shows, collaboration projects and so much more. Also, all my 'To Do' lists right are so damn long, I feel overwhelmed by how much stuff keeps getting added on, and as I do everything it still feels like it's never ending. I'm sure we all go through this... right? I'm not crazy?! Maybe I should share what my lists look like and how I keep my life organized. I can't complain I suppose, being busy is a good thing and it's part of life but fuck I just want a second to me, you know?

Since Valentine's Day we haven't really touched base, if you follow me via Instagram you're able to check out what I'm doing day to day but via my blog it's a little more sporadic.


I was away for work for almost a week attending a trade show in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, as much as I would rather be home the one thing that made this trip more cozy is the fact we rented an Airbnb. We typically stay in hotels, and as much as I love hotels it gets old... especially when it's one bathroom to share, everyone needs to get ready for the show and all that jazz. In the house we rented we each had our own bedroom + bathroom which made it so great for relaxing after a long day and no rush in the morning for bathroom usage. I really enjoy going to Saskatoon, minus the weather as it was so damn cold - I grew up with this kind of cold but I will never get used to it, and in comparison to Vancouver it's Antarctica. Funny enough though when we arrived in Saskatoon, Vancouver got caught in a snow storm (which the snow latest 24 hours). Anyways, Saskatoon is a little hidden gem, everything is slowly changing, they are getting some great little boutiques, tasty restaurants and it's totally got a special charm.

During my time away I always have a cat sitter for Lolita, I am super lucky to have friends that are happy to watch her and live at my house while I'm gone for work. Lolita definitely doesn't like when I'm away and always makes it known but she's been doing quite a bit better with this arrangement. As most of you know I'm super OCD, and before I leave the house for the cat sitter I need everything to be spotless and ready to go... well it's the same scenario, when I get home from the trips I immediately clean everything top to bottom before I get to bed. I know you guys are thinking "Don't sweat it, do it in the morning", it's beyond me, I just can't leave it! I know this is totally my choice but leaving and coming home is a large task of it's own.

More recently I was still away, in Edmonton, Alberta for Trends which is another trade show, I can't say I enjoy Alberta nearly as much... not to mention the day we arrived they were in the middle of a snow storm. I was away for another 5 days; I honestly couldn't wait to head back home! I miss my cat, my house, trying to find some me time, my kitchen and all those little things. I wish I could say that once I'm back things are going to be more mellow but they're not.


I have a few things coming up, more cleaning, catching up on emails for Aurelcee, then a bunch of work stuff (appointments, another show), and then my good friend is coming for a visit. No time for a break!

On a side note one of my close friends is coming to visit, it sucks that I can't take time off to spend it with him but it'll be nice regardless!


This man was cruising by with his family as Stacie and I were shooting some photos, and he hopped over to get in a photo with me. How cute right?!


Boater Style Hat - Lack of Color, Denim Button Up - H&M,
Jeans - RVCA, Black Leather Boots - Zara,
Sequin Purse - Kate Spade, Tortoiseshell Sunnies - Miu Miu


I have been absolutely loving and digging the good ol' Canadian Tuxedo!

I was lacking a good denim shirt in my closet, until a stumbled on this one at H&M for $20.00, yes twenty dollars. What I love most about it is that it's more of a hybrid between a jacket and a shirt, all the denim button ups I was finding were too thin and flimsy. Anyways, I am loving me some denim on denim! 

Side note; most of you know this, but maybe some of you don't... I'm even more obsessed with this hat than you think; it's also my little furry babies name, Lolita!


My birthday is coming up... still have no clue what to do but probably just something simple with some friends. Any ideas?!


Photos shot by Stacie Carr Photo
Hair by Nessa

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