Guys!!! I am so damn excited to be posting my first blog post on my brand new website. I have been working on this for quite some time, and I felt like it was never going to get where it’s at right now. I still have some minor things to add but that’ll all be done shortly. For those who are new around here; I’m Aurelia, a freelance wardrobe stylist, social media manage, and events coordinator, and I suppose I dabble in some blogging. I’m a cluster fuck of all things I love from pinups, playboy, fruits, vintage, couture and much more!

I have recently had an amazing opportunity to work with a local Fort Langley shop; Bella and Wren… if you don’t know about this gem you’re missing out and should definitely pay them a visit. Fort Langley used to be the prime spot for fur trading; it’s actually where Hudson’s Bay Company set up to do such trades in 1827. How cool is that?! I love nerding out and finding fun facts like this! Through the years a lot has happened in this small developing town, but even today it is still known to be an intimate community. The buildings we see in the heart of downtown have been preserved, restored and some built to still fit the original aesthetic. The town has also been spotted in many movies and TV shows, the community hall is used quite frequently, I am sure you would recognize it!

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As much as I’m a city gal, I’m a sucker for the small town feels; local coffee shops, book stores, mom + pop run businesses.  I recommend spending a hot summer afternoon here, you’ll love it!

In the heart of all this history, charm and beauty we find the ever so lovely Bella and Wren Boutique – as you all know I’m a lover of shopping and this is THE spot to go! The owners Sandra & Rene are both so amazing, you can feel their passion for what they have created, the family oriented staff, and the connection they have with all their customers and the brands they carry in store. The staff is absolutely on top of their shit, boutiques tend to have more of that one on one connection but they almost become like your personal shopper while you’re browsing. While I was pulling the clothing I was going to be using I got to see firsthand the amazing service that all their customers received… customer service is something I value very much and they’ve got it! When I say THE it place to shop in Fort Langley, I’m not lying; Bella and Wren also have a brother shop next door, and a sister store two doors down. This lovely boutique offers various gifts, home décor and a coffee bar! I’m telling you, you’ll find everything you’ve been looking for, walking through Unit 4 is like your Pinterest board coming to life!


I pulled a bunch of different brands, styles, and textures to create 4 looks! The good news is you’re still able to get most things in store – so like get ready to go spend some money! Delilah, bless her for always being game to work with me, she's the gal that captured these beautiful images. I know I keep saying I’m super excited to share this post with you, but I really am, I feel like I have so much to talk about!

I always have such a hard time explaining what my style is… is that a bad thing since I do wardrobe styling? Whatever fuck it… I have no idea how to classify what I’m wearing into a genre. When I shop around, in any store, whether it be fast fashion or boutiques I always like going for a mixture of pieces. Here are some things I look for: uniqueness, versatility, fabrication, color/patterns, cuts and price points. I also seem to be that shopper that also goes out looking for a very specific piece of clothing, in a very specific style (normally that I have created in my head) and can never find. Until it comes out a year later. UGH!


Look #1

We shot these in a local diner in Langley called Hilltop Cafe, this is another infamous place that’s been in many TV shows + movies. We had the whole place to ourselves since they were closed but ever so kindly let us shoot in there!

Sunglasses – Celine (not available in store),
Lace bodysuit – Gentle Fawn (available in store), Denim Shorts – Rollas (available in store), Quilted Jacket – Unknown (no longer available in store),
Small City Bag – Mackage (available in store), Lip Boots – Zara

I usually don’t go for shorts, I typically don’t love what they look like on me… but Rene had brought these over since she has just received them and I fell in love. I wanted to buy them so bad but even these were quite too big on me, they were the most perfect high waisted shorts!! Someone please go buy these badboys! When I was building this look I was ever so slightly inspired by Kylie Jenner, but it needed a more Aurelia vibes and quirkiness which is why I paired the boots. This quilted jacket was to die for though – definitely a multi season and versatile piece which you could wear casually or dressed up. I mean pattern trousers, button up and the jacket, HELL YES!


Changing back to the topic of prices, I know we all have a budget in place or at least some kind of guideline of what we’re comfortable  spending on clothing, but as I have gotten older I have found such value in spending on good brands + good quality. Quality over quantity you know, and I'm not shutting down the Zara’s of the world since I myself still love it but I’m mostly saying for certain pieces investing is a great thing. I am also a lover of local shops, and supporting our community, so when you can find brands you love in your city I say take that route! Anyways; what I’m trying to get at is investing is good, but it doesn’t all have to be big name designers and super expensive pieces. Bella and Wren have such an incredible assortment of styles, brands and price points – which is another reason I love it in there. Again, investment is good and as much as I love spending money on things I do also need to be frugal, they’ve got options for you.


Look #2

This getup was a little more basic, as much as I love color and patterns there are definitely times that I keep it more tame. This outfit still totally represented me and my styles in two ways; the beautiful sequin appliqué found on this deep mustard/brown overcoat, and distressed denim jacket. 

As mentioned, I adore the sequin appliqués, mostly because there's a pineapple! This color was also pretty interesting to style, as it's not quite a mustard nor fully brown - this is why I felt like toning the rest of the outfit down would really allow the duster to pop out. 


Sunglasses - Fendi, Duster – Assembly Label (available in store), 
Denim Jacket – Mos Mosh (available in store), Black Tee - Unknown (plain t's available in store),
Black Semi Fit Denim - Unknown (no longer available in store), See Thru Heels - Aldo

Look #3

TATADADA! My next look is a little more preppy, mixed with hmmmm hip n' happening street style. See, I seriously don't know how to classify these style genres... it's a sweet outfit, whatever! Again, I love mixing and matching different styles, as you may have read previously and seen through my other posts I never just stay within one kind of look. Don't ever be afraid to try things, and figuring out how to morph styles together! 

Nautical Hat - Brixton (not available in store), Sunglasses - Gucci (not available in store)
Cashmere Long Sleeve Sweater + Navy Trousers - Mos Mosh (available in store),
Round Leather Purse - Christopher K (available in store)


Not only is mixing styles up pretty damn awesome, but Bella and Wren has a broad assortment for you to choose from! Sandra and Rene take risks on out of the box pieces for their clients, but also cover all the basics; they truly do such a wonderful job at targeting just about everyone's style and also various age groups. This is another feature that makes this Fort Langley treasure so well deserving of being found! Another cool spot that I had no clue existed is Wendel's Bookstore & Cafe - definitely suggest that you spend a couple minutes in the book section and sip on a coffee along the side of the building. 


Last but not least...
Look #4

When I had first seen this playsuit I wasn't really sure if I would like it, the color wasn't really me, the cut of it seemed a little un-proportioned and I just didn't know if styling it would change my opinions on it. Well... it wasn't until I tried it out that I found out it is actually super cute!

Retro Vibe Sunglasses - Ray Ban (not available in store), Straw Hat - San Diego Hats (not available in store), Mules - Steve Madden (available in store),
Straw Bag - Unknown (available in store),
Assorted Jewelry - Assorted Designers (available in store)


This outfit was meant to stay simple, and easy to wear - think of it as a grab and go kind go outfit; wether you're late for work, need a light breezy outfit for summer days, slip on grocery look, something versatile to dress up and down... this playsuit helps for it all!

I cannot wait to do more collaborations with local shops! I'm also so happy that this post ended up being the first one on my new website! 

If you would like a similar service check out my packages under Styling. If there are any topics you're really wanting me to cover via some 'Style' blog posts shoot me an email

Photos taken by Summer Rayne Photo
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