Before Spring Hits


Okay Vancouver, you have now been treating us with beautiful rays of sunshine... but can we bring on some warmer heat. I mean I'm not complaining since it's been absolutely amazing but just saying. 

Welcome to my brand spanking new website, and blog! What do you think? I am so happy to finally have my services up in one area which also now includes my blog... Aurelcee is slowly becoming more busy, I'm really looking forward to what's to come. If you're interested in any Styling Services email! 

I am so excited that I got to wear this outfit before it got too warm! Rocking some latex pants, with some silver boots - OH YAHHH!!! 

So, I had been looking high and low for pants like this, I have pleather pants/leggings ish type which are super body con and great for certain things... but I was looking for not so form fitted latex pants to wear. These were such a fluke, it was on some random day in Metrotown I stumbled on them at H&M for $20.00, yes, twenty dollars from like $70-80 ish. I was super excited, but they didn't have a 4 or a 2 left, I took the plunge and tried the size 6. They are big at my waist so I have figured out a system but the shape ended up being exactly what I had in mind, a little lose. Of course, being that I am 5'2 they were very long but I solved the issue by simply cutting them... nope didn't even sew the hem. 

Sailor Cap + Silver Boots - Zara,
Oversized Curdoroy Jacket - Value Village,
Harley Tee - F as in Frank, Latex Pants - H&M,
Sunglasses - Carrera, Leather Bucket Bag - Cartier


Photographed by @Staciecarrphoto
Hair by @Nessatastic

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