Well, it's been a hot second hasn't it. [more so on here, I keep you all updated via Instagram - wink wink follow me on there @Aurelcee].

Hello everyone!
As you all know I have made the transition into freelance, I know I keep bringing it up on my posts but it's a pretty big deal to me, and it has still been a learning/establishing period where things are going really well but everything is still evolving. There are many amazing aspects to being freelance: time managing yourself, working on deadlines as well as personal projects, meeting new people and potential clients, amongst many others. During the first chunk of my progress into freelance I got extremely busy with many clients and projects coming at once, which is awesome but it made me lose myself. I felt like I was dedicating so much time to clients that I would put myself and my projects on the back burner, and I honestly don't want to do that. I am finally really digging deep to make myself a schedule to allocate appropriate times for everyone and also making sure that I personally get fulfilled creatively as well.

For those of you following my adventure and projects, I truly thank you for your support it means the world to me. I know some of you really would love more food content stuff so I will try to work towards that as well.

I always love making connections, in and our the city [Vancouver - but always down for others], since the fashion community is truly pretty small everywhere I am such a believer of creating those tight bonds to help everyone out. I am still currently accepting clients for brand shoots (ads, ecommerce), editorials, as well as working with couples. I have photos up in my portfolios to check out some of my work, and all my services are listed [my packages are fully customizable btw].

Working from home has been pretty great, of course we all go through moments of laziness when you need to be a self motivators, some days are definitely harder than others. I am so fortunate that one of my best friends is a freelance photographer and we get to work together often, also being neighbours it's really nice to be able to work at each others houses. The cool part about it all is some mornings she comes down to my place, I make us some smoothie bowls, we get to share stories and venting [you know gossip, news, fun stuff etc.], work together, but alone, but together, make some lattes and work some more. Isn't that fucking awesome?! I mean I think it's pretty cool... and some days it's all that PLUS we head out to different coffee shops which basically become our offices for the day.

Now, working at coffee shops is great since I feel like I get less distracted and really get shit done... the downfall is in Vancouver quite a few of them either; don't have outlets or wifi available. Which sucks because there's so many we would like to go to... but they obviously don't want us hanging there. 

The other cool thing about having various offices, is I don't get bored from the same stuff happening, looking at the same thing daily or doing the same routine; which is a big deal for me since I get bored very easily. I also get to go to actual offices and hang with various people when I do photo shoots and stuff which is even more fun!

The flip side though is the dating in all this is still BLAH... dating apps seem to be getting more and more brutal, not to mention so many men seem so fucking BORING [like actually boring, like to talk to and to be with]. Plus being freelance now also can limit who you meet since I generally work from home or coffee shops... lets be real; 1. people are either at work and not at coffee shops to meet or 2. people are pussies and won't come up to you and say 'Hey'. Therefore, we resort to online to meet people we would never meet, which the idea and concept is great, but in reality well... it's shit. Okay rant over for that, I just wanted to say the dating thing still sucks.

Should I make a list of some spots me and Delilah like working from? hmmm


Metallica Tee - H&M,
Floral Button Front Skirt - 8th & Main,
Checkered Slip Ons - Vans,
Layered Necklaces - Family Jeweller,
Bracelets - MADE//Alex & Ani, Watch - Cluse

Sunglasses - Celine,
Fanny Pack - Alexander Wang

Oh by the way, these cutie photos were taken by Lauren, a local Ottawa photographer, I seriously couldn't be more excited about them! Her instagram will be below, give her a follow.

Photographed by Lauren Christoffersen
Hair by Nessa at Fieldtrip Hair
Nails by Jesse at Classy Claws

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