One of the things I value the most about following other influencers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs is the realness and raw factor of them. I am much more attentive to their Instagram stories, and really read their Instagram captions along with other posts they may do. I mean real in the sense of what they say, and how they say it (even the tone)… I don’t like when people sound fake and forced. This is one thing that I hold very closely for myself and my brand, as I never want to come off as disengenuine or fake. People that know me in person really know how much I embarrass myself, how weird I can really get, how much I don’t care about what others think, and how many opinions I have (amongst many other things I am sure.). Unfortunately through the lens of your iPhone you don’t get too really see this fully. I try my best to showcase my “everyday” but it’s tough to continuously show you organic, on the spot content. I don’t have a camera crew capturing my every move like the Kardashians. I am not hating on it, I would love it. If anyone knows how to make this a reality, email me hello@aurelcee.ca. Just saying.

Anyways, thank you to those who inspire me and that are raw and open.

This isn’t even the direction I wanted to go with this blog post… but my brain just works that way. I somehow connected this to wanting to doing some real talk about freelance life and finding clients.

There is already a lot that I have learnt and affirmed in the short time of officially being freelance

  1. Contracts - they are your best friend

  2. Keeping constant communication and being transparent with your clients

  3. Multitasking skills are used beyond belief

  4. Willpower aka motivation (which I always thought I had) is fucking hard when your primary office is your house

  5. To do lists - crazier than they have ever been

  6. Feels good to make your own schedule

  7. Finding new clients is a challenge

  8. Working with other freelancers, entrepreneurs is awesome

  9. Dishonest people - this exists

On the topic of finding new clients, holy shit it’s a lot of work, and it’s hard. I mean the process is difficult, finding efficient ways to promote yourself, your work and services, without spending $$$ on advertisement. I even recently attempted to use Craigslist and Kijiji which was nearly impossible… Craigslist wanted me to pay ($5, it’s not much but still) to post a ‘job’ related ad. My intention wasn’t to pay, I have been trying to use my free resources, and when I posted on Craigslist they deleted my ad. Kijiji also deleted it, but not for a payment issues, for a category placement, which I’m confused about since I was in the ‘Media, Fashion and TV’ section for a service post. Anyways, just been trying to find ways to get the word out and find new clients for various services.


I also feel like as a Wardrobe Stylist I always need to justify or defend what I do… which is very interesting. Do other creatives face this issue? I feel like it might be somewhat of a common thing.

I mostly just wanted to open up about the struggle of finding paying work, and constant clients/projects. I really hope I get the opportunity to work with more amazing brands, couples, and clients!

I am currently accepting:

  • Small Social Media Client

  • Couples for lifestyle/fun or engagement shoots

  • Clients for e-commerce, campaigns/ads/lifestyle

  • Film/commercial sets - I would love to get more into this!

All of my packages are located in the ‘Services’ section. All packages are customizable!

Oh my gawd, my cuticles are hella dry. Don’t mind those.

Black Wide Brim Hat - Lack of Colour, Pink Pattern Button up - Lazy Oaf,
Denim Shorts - Vintage Levis, Leather Fanny Pack - Alexander Wang,
Red Cat Eye Sunnies - Shady Lady, White Western Shoes - John Fluevog,
Watch/Bracelets - Cluse + Alex and Ani,
Assorted Necklaces - Gifted/ Custom made by family jeweller,
Rings - The Latest Scoop


Photographed by Lauren Christoffersen
Hair by Nessa, at Field Trip Hair Co.
While in Ottawa, it was styled by Adamo, at Hair by Adamo
Nails by Jesse, at Classy Claws

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