I can't believe it's Christmas Eve (for those who celebrate). I seriously don't know where time has gone... how are we already the end of December? I'm mind blown!

As you know I'm currently in Ottawa, spending time with family + friends! It's definitely been a crazy busy week but well worth it. I've managed to do a few things on my list:


Also, I had done a pole between my big winter camo parka vs my camo teddy sherpa... let me tell you everyone was telling me how deathly cold it was in Ottawa and that I absolutely needed the warmest coat I owed and blah blah blah. It definitely struck out some debates! The large parka won in the poll, and well I brought the sherpa, I am damn happy about it. I mean it's been cold in Ottawa don't get me wrong but it's more than manageable. 

Anyways just wanted to share that little thought I had about the coat debate. haha! I am good, warm and totally fine with my choice. 

So I know not everyone has completed their holiday shopping, and I wanted to share some of my favourite boutiques in Vancouver + Ottawa to finish up your gifts. 



Beret + Trousers - H&M,
Hoodie - Forever 21 (distressed by me), 
Camo Coat - Minimum, Fanny Pack - Twingo
Slip-Ons - Celine, Fishnets - Dollarama

Hair by @Nessatastic
Photographed by Stacie Carr
Instagram - @staciecarrphoto