Well, Instagram has been so discouraging and rough these last couple of weeks. I really feel like my growth on there is in a weird limbo, I have now also been shadow banned which is not helping the situation... I definitely have taken a care and pride into my Instagram too late in the game (or at least thats how I feel). 

Instagram has been such an amazing tool, connecting people new people, discovering brands, finding work opportunities amongst many more things so it's just very upsetting when peoples livelihood is a little based on traction from this app (aka me amongst many other boss babes). 

Anyways, just wanted to let out a small venting session! I do generally love posting, doing the work, getting amazing feedback from all of you and seeing everyones amazing lives/kicking ass! Keep being your rad selves and hopefully the algorithm will all work itself out. 

'Denim' Coat - Chocolate Hong Kong,
Striped Overalls - RVCA, Turtleneck - Topshop,
Corduroy Fiddler Cap - Brixton
Bucket Bag + White Booties - Winners,
Sunnies - Celine 

Photographed by Delilah Summer Rayne

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