so guys, I have spontaneously decided to head to Ottawa for the Holidays. I was going to stick around Vancouver... but Aeroplane opened up new dates during their blackout period and the deal was too damn good to pass. I am totally not ready for the cold over there, it's been beautiful in Vancouver annddddd Ottawa is currently in the -15 to -20. SOS!

I have four days to do everything on my to do list (let me tell you it's quite long), I haven't remotely started packing nor have I had time to start running my last minute errands... I might be a little fucked. When I say I haven't started packing, like I don't even have a damn list made up to help me out a little. GOD DAMN. 

I don't know if you have seen a past post of mine explaining how I pack (I used to travel every week for work), but one of the first things I do is write down things I want to bring and then sort of work my way from there by building some outfits. I sort of do the technique the Kardashians use, I set up all the outfits I can make with each piece I bring, mix and match but instead of taking a polaroid shot (like they do because that costs a lot of $$$) I write down every damn outfit. Works like a charm! I also want to be sure to under pack... like a lot, a lot.

Stay tuned as I will share my disaster via Insta stories!


Besides seeing my friends and family, there's a few things I'm excited about going back to my hometown. Here's some of what I'm looking forward to:

Nautical Cap + Turtle Neck - H&M,
Leather Dress - Vintage Danier Leather (Value Village),
Fishnets - Dollarama, Purse - Winners
Sunglasses - Ray Bans, Boots - Zara


Hair by @Nessatastic
Photographed by Stacie Carr
Instagram - @staciecarrphoto

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