LOVE day or so they call it, is amongst us again. For some it's a day of pampering and gifts, of relaxation, of fine dinning, an excuse to dress up, a time to eat chocolate; spending time with a loved one or with a group of your close gal pals.

Being in love is something so sweet, vulnerable, pure, heart aching, anxious, euphoric - our heart jumps through many hoops because of all the emotions and feelings our body strikes it with... yet it remains strong. It's such a cool thing to think about, this is our engine, built to withstand everything we put it through, and looking at it even deeper it's really so fragile as it's built with so many intricate details.


I don't know about you, but I have never celebrated Valentine's Day, I have never done it with any of my boyfriends at the time or wasn't in a relationship. Like I haven't ever even had a galentine... it's just been a non existent 'holiday' for me and I can't say I have ever really liked it because I've never actually participated in this. A girlfriend of mine totally called me out on this... but me, her (Rosie - Second Hand Rose), Lisa + Laura (Fashion Kidd) have totally done a galentine. If my memory is correct we did a cute girls dinner, some gossiping happened, chilled at Laura and Lisa's place and always shared great stories with a whole lot of laughter! I'm actually just dying right now because either I lost part of my brain, or I really didn't even put two and two together to realize it was for Valentine's day when I was thinking back on the things I've done with friends. Geez I am awful. Sorry girls, I love the three of you! 

I guess this day somehow still remains non existent to me... I might need to change that. Hmmm

We don't need a significant other to have an excuse to celebrate. Make it the day that pink + red are accepted together, a day for yourself wether that be a spa time, satisfying your sweet tooth, hanging with friends - we can make Valentine's Day whatever the fuck we want it to be!

Anyways! Spread the love with some goodies for your significant other or for your pals to celebrate together! Share the love!!

Check out some of these brands below; I've got a few that are local Vancouver, Quebec and Montreal based artists.


1. Midnight Paloma - Charcoal + Rose Mask 2. Bare Skin Bar - Bath bombs 3. Indigo - Love Keychain 4. Maison Jacynthe - Eye shadow 5. Lettering with Leni - Customized Notebook
6. Earthlings Porcelain - Custom Tea Cups 7. Alex & Ani - Charm Bracelet


*1. Midnight Paloma is a local Vancouver beauty brand that focuses on using charcoal in her products. I recently did a blog post about my usage of the detox mask.

*2. Bare Skin Bar is another local Vancouver beauty brand offering an assortment of bath bombs. I have also had a blog post with my thoughts on these little bad boys.

*4. Maison Jacynthe is a Quebec based makeup/beauty brand, they are all natural products offering a range of water based foundations, eye shadows, lip sticks, oils and many others. I've done a collaboration with them a few times and have loved many of their products.

*6. Earthlings Porcelain is made by a friend of mine in Montreal, her name is Julie and she is absolutely wonderful, not to mention such a talented artist. She has a wide variety of custom tea cups with cute porcelain figurines, adorable sayings or blunt curse words on some mugs/tea cups. I mean talented is an under statement she literally makes all of these cups with such detail carving and painting these tiny details. Check her out!


Stacie and me went into The Latest Scoop on Granville, a local shop 2 blocks from our house - they allowed us to shoot in their cute display set up! Thanks ladies!!

 'In your dreams' Beret - Forever 21, Sunglasses - Fendi,
Black Coat + Floral Sock Boots - Zara
Turtleneck - H&M, Washed Out Denim - Topshop,
Leather Backpack - Marino Orlandi

Photographed by Stacie Carr Photo
Hair by Nessa

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