My year review, transitioning from 2017 to 2018. As I have mentioned in one of my recent posts I couldn't believe that this year has already flown by... I recall ringing in the new year at a cottage with close friends thinking about what 2017 would bring. The year prior was pretty rough; I didn't have a positive experience in 2016, and this last year was most definitely a great transition period. A whole lot of great memories, experiences, achieving goals and diving into new adventures.

It seriously took me a while to even remember everything I did within the last year!

1. Continued working + visiting more of Canada

Some of you may know that my last job required me to do a lot of traveling, by a lot I mean like Monday to Friday and only had very few hours to myself during the weekend. It was quite exhausting on my body but it has allowed me to explore Canada, the only areas I haven't seen is Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut and PEI. Lucky for me; I still get to travel with my current role! Funny enough late into 2017 I thought to myself "I really didn't get to do much traveling this year..." but I had to reflect on my past role and that it did allow me to see Canada. So yes, I did do some traveling!

 2. Collaborations with some beautiful brands

I'm always looking to work with brands + people; I have met so many amazing boss ladies and local business through my collabs. Thank you all for working with me! I am really looking forward to working with more of you. Don't hesitate to contact me

3. More collaborations

Got to work with some babely photographers that helped make my Insta and Blog look on point! I also had the opportunity of work with them on some projects for their portfolios. Looking forward to more of this!

4. A little recap on some of my outfits!!

5. Created more memories with friends

Had some great adventures with friends throughout the year! Prior to Vancouver I could only hang over the weekend considering I was always on the road.

Included in this my mom and I also took a trip to Paris to visit our family... something the both of us hadn't done together in a long time. Come to think of it I hadn't taken a trip with my parents or at least one of them in forever... I just always ended up traveling alone or with friends. The two of us definitely need to take more trips somehow (we live at opposite sides of the country). Added to this Paris trip two of my close friends, Mijung + Tamao joined us halfway through. This was something really awesome for us, I was still living in Ottawa at the time, Mij in Vancouver and Tamao in Berlin, meeting in Paris was exactly what was needed for us.

Being back in Vancouver, my apartment building has also brought me a tight knit community with some of my neighbours, which they are beyond that - we are family!

6. Moving back to Vancouver

This has been a major goal of mine for quite sometime now, and this past May everything fell into place where I landed an amazing job allowing me to move back to my favorite city. For those don't know I used to live in Vancouver, this city became my home - I moved back to Ottawa where of course close friends + family are located but my heart wasn't there... I struggled to find solid employment (especially anything related to my field of work). There were many ups and downs living in Ottawa (as much as I love my family + friends), I always seems to deep down being unhappy; always wishing to be back in Vancouver. I really didn't think I was going to make it back, I thought three years in Ottawa was officially me being stuck.

backinvan lionsbay.jpg

With my prior job and daily opportunities to travel I was in Vancouver at the right time to go for an interview where I nailed my current position on the spot. I will always be so thankful to my current bosses! BTW Reed; thanks for being the best work neighbour!

I then drove me, along with my best friend Nessa, her partner, their dog and my little Lolita back to Vancouver in Elvis (my Nissan Cube). It took us a solid 4 days, and a few rest stops, as I was the only driver I'm very proud to have faced this adventure. So 2017 definitely brought something back to me that I had been missing. What I do wish is I could copy paste all the people I love from Ottawa to Vancouver.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 1.05.25 PM.png

Not to mention Lolita is feeling right at home in our new apartment! 

Did I mention my current job still allows me to do some traveling?!

7.Finally got em'!!

Well folks, I finally did it... got my nipples tattooed. It had been something that I have wanted since 2011, I mentioned it to Shaugnessy before she even began a class or anything to do with cosmetic tattooing. I recall telling her that she was going to tattoo my nipples into hearts sometime... took a few years but it was well worth it. This past summer we achieved that goal. VOILA!

Photo 2017-09-27, 8 08 13 AM.jpg

8. Hair style changes

Well friends my hair is actually growing!!! I know it always has been but it seemed like my regrowth process has been forever... I am now seeing a difference. I have also had a minor color change in the last couple of months - my infamous grey/whiteish hair is now baby pink. YAY! I owe my healthy hair and great colors to my girl Nessa! She and I have been friends since we were 14 years old by the way... both of our longest relationships haha! Honestly besides her making my hair look fabulous, she is truly an amazing soul, I don't know what I would do without her.

Boss ladies that make my life more glam!

Check them out:
Nessa (dream hair by Nessa)
Stacie Carr Photo
Summer Rayne Photo (Delilah)
Shaughnessy (Studio Sashiko) 
Bare Skin Bar
Midnight Paloma
Maison Jacynthe

Thank you for a solid year - Cheers to 2018!