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I don't normally open up a whole lot about myself personally, and maybe I should. Maybe it's something my audience would appreciate - seeing a more vulnerable side of me. Actually being vulnerable is something I try to stray far from, so perhaps this is also a good challenge for me.

Relationships, Tinder, new age dating and hook ups have been on my mind, a little more so these last couple of months but definitely a relevant topic on my mind for the last 5 years. I personally find the dating scene now-a-days to be very difficult, exhausting, and confusing. From trying to "swipe" through someone based on how attractive they are (don't get me wrong I have tried the whole dating app thing - I don't like it), to texting miss-communication, playing games of "I don't want to text him first", filtering through (literally) a lot of crappy humans.

Tinder: I'm not saying that this is a flop for everyone, I have heard/met people that found their signif…

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