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LOVE day or so they call it, is amongst us again. For some it's a day of pampering and gifts, of relaxation, of fine dinning, an excuse to dress up, a time to eat chocolate; spending time with a loved one or with a group of your close gal pals.
 Being in love is something so sweet, vulnerable, pure, heart aching, anxious, euphoric - our heart jumps through many hoops because of all the emotions and feelings our body strikes it with... yet it remains strong. It's such a cool thing to think about, this is our engine, built to withstand everything we put it through, and looking at it even deeper it's really so fragile as it's built with so many intricate details.
I don't know about you, but I have never celebrated Valentine's Day, I have never done it with any of my boyfriends at the time or wasn't in a relationship. Like I haven't ever even had a galentine... it's just been a non existent 'holiday' for me and I can't say I have ever really…

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