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Life has truly been a roller coaster... one of the busiest and coolest ones!

Let me put you up to speed - I was doing a pretty wicked job where I got to travel on a daily basis throughout Canada, as you may have been seeing/following via Instagram. Some of you were even saying that I was living a great lifestyle, traveling all the time, working in awesome cities all around Canada; boujee life at it's best. Of course I adore traveling, and I did really enjoy the go go go motto but everything has it's limits. A basic work week looked like this - typically travelling Monday (or Sunday at times) to the city (i.e. more than likely in another province), work all week at least 8 hour days + travel and so on... get back in home base (Ottawa) Friday's. Being back 2 days a week was good in many ways considering I didn't really want to be in Ottawa, but a little tiering as well... my weekend would consist of unpacking, laundry, appointments, procrastination, laziness, failed att…

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