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Well, I have been getting various responses, and questions about my Natives. A few readers seem confused as to why I have so many, why I choose Native, how to wear them. On the other hand people are loving my outfits with Native shoes as well as how I make them look "so cool" (thank you by the way). Really the questions go on and on!

I've decided to take the time to answer a few of those questions and also to take a few styled photos of how I dress my Natives, and realistically how you could also incorporate these modern shoes into your style/closet. If you follow me on Instagram (Aurelcee), you've probably seen quite a few of my morning outfits incorporating Native's.

Firstly I love receiving emails and feedback from you, so thank you to everyone who reached out!
Throughout my post I will have some Q&A's, which will shake things up a little from what I have to say, versus what some people have asked.

Q: I find Natives make my outfits look so casual. I li…

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