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I have been so damn excited about the collaborations that are coming my way!
Here is another amazing Vancouver local (YAY CANADIAN) beauty brand - Midnight Paloma, if you aren't already following them on Insta or heard of it do go check it out.

They are new to the market friends, but already becoming known with their beautiful clean packaging, pink accent colors, lovely natural products, and calming aromas. When Midnight Paloma approached me I had only briefly seen them via Instagram, I was definitely curious to try them but a little iffy. If you know me, I am always very hesitant of new lines, and unknown products on my face.

Upon going to their website three things struck me:
1. Everything is made by hand. No large factory, no machinery, no foreign objects mixing with the products.
2. All the products are made in smaller portions to ensure it is always best.
3. It is a fully Canadian made brand
Another little thing I love about local brands, they always try to give back to the …

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