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Holy crap, I have been on fast mode... and I mean fast mode as in I am DEAD tired, been go go go with work + trade shows, collaboration projects and so much more. Also, all my 'To Do' lists right are so damn long, I feel overwhelmed by how much stuff keeps getting added on, and as I do everything it still feels like it's never ending. I'm sure we all go through this... right? I'm not crazy?! Maybe I should share what my lists look like and how I keep my life organized. I can't complain I suppose, being busy is a good thing and it's part of life but fuck I just want a second to me, you know?

Since Valentine's Day we haven't really touched base, if you follow me via Instagram you're able to check out what I'm doing day to day but via my blog it's a little more sporadic.
I was away for work for almost a week attending a trade show in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, as much as I would rather be home the one thing that made this trip more cozy is th…

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