I'm Aurelia, I generally go by my full name with the odd little nick name (i.e. Aurel, Rilz, Rel - you get the picture).
Oreoslut if you're still caught up in the Myspace era like my brain sometimes is.

I remember this one time I was stopped in the middle of Granville Street, it was some blog or magazine that was
asking to take my photo for their street style page. Obviously I am all about that kind of stuff, but what stuck with me
was the question she asked; "If you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?",  I immediately
answered "A barfbag.". She looked stunned, laughing it off, and asked why I would describe myself, my style as such a
grossly known thing. To this day I can truly still say my style is like a barfbag, probably not for the reasons you're thinking.
Let me explain. In this bag you have a mixture of dark colors, bright colors, mixed, textures, patterns, a cluster fuck even...
well come take a look in my closet you'll find just that. My style changes from day to day, I adore being fun with what I wear.
Fashion is all about the creativity, the fun, the annoyance of picking the right outfit. It's loving black and white just as much
as I love loud patterns and colors. 

So my friends, I am a barfbag.